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How Do You Gain Weight Effectively and Safely?

It is a question which may perplex many people who struggle with their weight, but; how do you gain weight effectively and safely is something many people need to know.


While there are millions of overweight people out there it should not be overlooked there are also lots of people who are too skinny and need to add weight to their frame.

I Can't Gain Weight

This is something many people say to themselves over and over again. The harsh truth of it is you cannot gain weight because of your current lifestyle. You need to address your diet and your exercise regimen. We will look at both of these things later in this article, but first let’s have a look at;

What You Should Not Do?

skinny guyFor those who are looking to gain weight please do not go down the route of eating loads of junk food, ice cream, cakes and chocolate. The only thing this will do for you is make you fat.

This is because a junk food diet really is devoid of nutrients. The nutrients you get from your food are the raw materials your body needs to construct new cells. If you are not getting enough of the correct food then you really will not gain weight in a sensible manner.

Let us look at just some things you should do to ensure you gain weight and stay healthy.


Regular Meals

Forget just two or three meals each day. You need 5 or 6. Try and get into a routine of eating every 3 hours. Your body must have a continuous supply of energy to function at its best and to ensure you gain weight. If you skip meals you are depriving your body of this energy.

It is particularly important to eat on a regular basis if you are looking to gain muscle mass.

Start to keep a food journal. List down everything you eat and when. Regularly review this until you get a consistent pattern.

Mix Your Foods

Don’t just eat one food at meal times. You should aim for at least 3 different food groups for each meal. The reason you should do this is that it gives your body a far more varied selection of nutrients which will work to help you gain weight throughout the day.

Healthy Foods

When you are looking for that extra nutrition choose foods which are nutrient-rich. They need to contain complex carbohydrates, protein and fat. Lean beef, fish such as salmon, tuna and cod, along with poultry are excellent sources when you are looking to bulk up.

Eggs, cheese and other dairy products will do it for you as will pasta and wholemeal bread.

You should eat vegetables with your meals. These are good providers of the fuel you need to gain weight.

Fruits should be eaten on a regular basis. Bananas are particularly good before you start your workout routine.


You will be pleased to know that this is positively encouraged! How do you gain weight effectively by snacking? As long as you don’t go for junk food snacking will give you a constant supply of the nutrients you need to gain weight. Go for peanut butter, cheese sticks, healthy dips and dried fruit.

Smoothie Drinks

Liquids are not as filling as solid food, so anyone looking to gain weight and add that nutrition without feeling bloated should drink a variety of different liquids. 100% pure fruit juice, organic skimmed milk and smoothies are excellent.

Eat Before You Sleep!

Eating before you go to sleep is another thing you should do on a regular basis. This is because while you sleep your body is building muscle and lean tissue. By eating a healthy and nutritious snack before you sleep you are giving your body a fresh supply of nutrients to work with.

Plan Your Meals

If you are to be successful in gaining weight you need to structure your eating plan. If you don’t the reality is you will simply end up eating whatever is in the fridge.

Write out a list of the things you need for your weekly diet, and make sure you always have something available for any particular day. Some people actually have a “cooking binge” and make all meals for the week in one go.

This is not as crazy as it may seem. Indeed it will speed your efforts up when you are looking for the quickest way to gain weight. I say this because as long as you have enough freezer space you can cook your weekly meals all at once, section them off in meal size portions and once they have cooled place them in the fridge in marked containers.

This sort of organization means you will always have something highly nutritious available to eat.

The other alternative is that you get home from work late, look in the fridge and eat the first thing you get your hands on. You can bet your bottom dollar it will not be the sort of food you should be eating when looking at healthy weight gain!


Sorry folks, but far too many of us are not carrying out enough regular exercise. While this is particularly true for those who are overweight it also applies to anyone looking to effectively gain weight.

You need to concentrate on weight training when looking to add those lbs. Not only will it add weight it will also help you define your muscles and shape your physique.

Free weights are far and away the best form of weight training when it comes to gaining weight. If you do not want to join a gym then please do not be discouraged. For a reasonable cost you can buy a set of weights and a bench. Once this is set up in your home you will then be able to work-out when it suits you.


How do you gain weight should become your mantra so it is very important that you get into a routine when it comes to your workout schedule. It does not matter whether you choose morning, afternoon or evening, but whichever it is stick to it.

Interestingly studies have shown that those who work-out first thing in the morning will actually get the workout in versus doing it later in the day.. So, if you are an early morning person then take advantage of this fact!