Russian Bear Mass Gainer - Unlock the Power to Gain Muscle Mass!


Russian Bear 5000 3lb Tub

Weight gain solutions have been developed to help people gain muscle, strength, and power to perform daily routines. One of the best solutions known is Russian Bear 5000 Weight Gainer.

Many people have been satisfied with the results using it for weight gain, increasing muscle mass and strength.  It has high quality protein and ingredients that have worked for a long time and is a favorite among serious power lifters and body builders.

This would also be a great alternative for high school football players who are looking to put on weight and muscle mass using an affordable solution that won't harm you.

Find out how it works and all other details you need to know.

What Is Russian Bear 5000?

The russian bear 5000 weight gaining product is created by Val Vailef N.D., a Russian descendant, who won more than 80 weightlifting, power, and physique awards. One of these achievements is winning as Mr. America. Russian Bear 5000 has become a premier product used by bodybuilders who want to develop a rock-hard and lean mass of muscles.

This works by providing non-fat milk solids, egg white (or albumin), and biological quality of high-grade proteins. It is also a reliable source of mineral formula and vitamins, along with other useful components like Boron, Inosine HXR, Sikadeer, Colostrum, Eleutherococcus, and Antler. power.

Russian Bear 5000 Used By Body Builders


How Does Russian Bear Work?

As a bulk gainer, Russian Bear 5000 is intended to be used by serious bodybuilders. This can also be taken by individuals who are dedicated to adding lean muscle mass to the body. Other benefits provided by this weight gainer are rapid gaining of weight, can be taken with other supplements, gain weight without gaining fat, and tastes good. This Russian Bear Weight Gainer should be effective for those who are involved in intense workouts.

Russian Bear 5000 Ingredients

russian bear 5000 ingredients

Russian Bear weight Gainer ingredients

When it comes to content or ingredients, this weight gain solution satisfies users since it is composed of over 2, 6000 calories in each serving.

At the same time, it is packed with more than 180 g of protein. Every person who has been through workouts can tell that protein is vital in building muscles.

Some of the main ingredients are also Biotin, Zinc, Vitamin A, D, C, E, and B12. In fact, there are still other components of Russian Bear 5000 to list here.

This is just to let you know the essential minerals and vitamins needed to gain muscle and weight. However, if you want to see maximum results, it is advised to combine it with milk.

Studies showed that milk boosts the muscle in the body faster compared with other foods and drinks.

Combine Russian Bear 5000 Weight Gainer with milk and drink them before you work out. This is to help you gain enough energy for the strenuous workouts.

Take this supplement two times daily to help your body absorb all nutrients and protein present in it.

If you are consistent in taking it regularly, you burn fat and gain muscle mass faster than expected.

Moreover, there is also about 46 g of MCTs or Medium Chain Triglycerides and 391 g carbohydrates. These ingredients are present to replenish glycogen in the body.

This implies that the product provides the essential calories and carb essential for the body when gaining muscle and weight.

Russian Bear 5000 Side Effects - Is It Safe?

Always bear in mind that there is no supplement product perfectly made for all end users. This applies for this weight gain supplement. For most individuals using Russian Bear 5000 Weight Gainer, they feel a common side effect feeling heavy and a little bit bloated. The good news is that it does not stay for so long. Then, such discomforts eventually disappear.

The name itself Russian Bear 5000 can be confusing for some people. Remember that 5000 refers to the 5000 calories. Others tend to mistakenly assume that they need you drink one gallon of milk and combine with this supplement in one day. The truth is that you only must drink milk in a six (6)-ounce glass three times a day. One gallon of milk and 5 scoops of this supplement last up to one week.

Furthermore, some people are easily confused because they do not read all instructions and product label. This is where all directions have been clearly stated. Make sure you read and understand the directions first before using this product.

Why Should You Use The Russian Bear 5000 Weight Gainer?

Buying the russian bear 5000 weight gainer is worth your time, money and attention. It is because you will get the results you expect without suffering from adverse side effects. This weight gain product works as it adjusts the metabolism.

This way, excess fat in the body will be burned while lean muscles are kept. Most importantly, it enhances your appetite which plays a crucial role in gaining mass. The testimonials and reviews of the previous customers will enlighten you about the effectiveness of this bulk gainer.

Customer Opinion and Results About The 5000 Gainer

The product Russian Bear 5000 Weight Gainer generates positive feedback among bodybuilders and health aficionados. If you search for this product, you are going to see various reviews about it.

One customer commented that he has a lot of good things to say about the russian bear weight gainer. He added that he has been impressed by this product. It tastes so good and there are no side effects when taking it. In only a few days, he was able to notice an increase in appetite and strength to lift heavy weights.

Another satisfied customer also stated his positive review. He said that it complements his workouts and build lean muscle mass.

By looking at these testimonials, it shows that Russian Bear 5000 Weight Gainer proves what has been stated in its advertisements. Many users love it because of its taste which usually comes in vanilla flavor. Almost all the customers delivered the same feedback.

Where Can I Buy Russian Bear 5000?

The Russian Bear 5000 Weight Gainer can be ordered from the trusted online suppliers. They are also offered from several countries across the globe. Check online if it is available in your local area. Then, place an order and wait until it will be delivered right to your doorsteps. Click here to order it at the best price from the official site.