Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

seriousmass-on-gainerAspiring to have a body like a Greek god, which makes you stand out from the crowd, but having a lean body is coming in the way. Along with proper diet and exercise, a good nutritional supplement intake also has a significant impact on the development of the muscles and gaining the required mass.

Achieving your dream body is certainly not impossible anymore as today the market is flooded with mass gainers, but choosing the right one for you makes it a reality for youSo, before you decide to go for any good supplement, check out the serious mass review to comprehend its usage and benefits to make an intelligent decision for yourself.

What is a Mass Gainer Supplement?

Are you spending hours in the gym, but still unable to develop the muscles which you wished for?

Well…. You need to understand certain facts about muscle and weight gain. Spending time in the gym does not alone help in toning the body muscle. It also requires proper nutrition and out of that a good protein intake is one of the key ingredients which help in the same process.

Proteins are also called the building blocks of muscles as they are rich in amino acids. Amino acids support in building and repairing the muscle tissues in the body. Thus, mass gainer is a healthy protein supplement that offers all the essential nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, minerals to the body for gaining muscle mass and enhancing weight.

What Does Serious Mass Gainer Do?

A good nutritional supplement should not only be rich in proteins, but should also contain carbohydrates along with vitamins and minerals to provide a complete nutrition. It ensures that the body is fully supplied with the required and essential nutrients throughout the day, which many a times is not possible in our daily normal diet. Serious mass provided by Optimum Nutrition offers a high protein weight gain supplement.

It’s a blend of both proteins and carbohydrates along with 25 vitamins and minerals, which completes the required nutrition essential of the body. The composition helps not only in gaining weight, but also developing muscle mass. Serious mass on Amazon has also received a very a 4.5 star rating and more than 3000 reviews by its users.

Are Serious Mass Gainers Healthy?

Serious Mass gainer essentially helps in increasing the nutritional intake, helping individuals which are struggling to gain weight or gaining mass muscle. The nutrition supplement is easy to consume and hence provide more calories than the normal routine diet for any individual. On an average a person takes around 2400 to 3000 calories every day. We get 1250 calories alone from only two scoops of serious mass gainer alone, that too with all the essential vitamins and minerals. This enables us to plan out our calorie intake accordingly and help us in achieving our desired weight accordingly along with proper workout routine.

Serious Mass Gainer Nutritional Facts

Serious mass gainer is a highly recommended weight gain supplement which is rich in proteins, carbohydrates along with vitamins and minerals. With every 2 scoops of serious mass gainer, it provides 1250 calories, which has 50 grams of protein along with 254 grams of carbohydrates which helps in replenishing the glycogen levels in the body.

Who Should Take Serious Mass Gainer?

The supplement is suggested for people who want to increase their weight along with muscle building. While working towards your weight gain goals it is difficult to maintain the calorie target with the diet routine. But with serious mass gainer you get 1250 calories in two scoops itself that also with proper nutritional content, making it simpler for the person in achieving their targets. It is recommended for a person under 18 years to check with their doctor before taking this supplement. The product is not recommended for pregnant ladies or if nursing a child.

Aspiring to have a body like a Greek god, which makes you stand out from the crowd, but having a lean body is coming in the way. Along with proper diet and exercise, a good nutritional supplement intake also has a significant impact on the development of the muscles and gaining the required mass.


The Serious Mass gain provides 1250 of calories along with 50 grams of proteins and 254 grams of carbohydrates with every 2 scoops. It contains 25 essential vitamins and minerals. The Supplement is available in 6 flavors, namely: Banana, Chocolate, Chocolate peanut butter, Cookies and cream, strawberry and vanilla.

Serious Mass Gainer Benefits

  • It is provided by world’s renowned nutrition supplement maker Optimum Nutrients, which have been supplying products worldwide.
  • The mass gainer ingredients not only have proteins and carbohydrates, but also contain essentials vitamins and minerals.
  • It provides the dietary fiber that aids in maintaining good health.
  • It is cost effective and is available on Amazon.com.

Serious Mass Gainer Side Effect

What could be the serious mass side effect is a generally a question asked by a lot of people. The Serious mass side effect might be noticeable to fewer allergens as it contains egg, milk, Soy (Lecithin) Ingredients and Wheat (Glutamine Peptides). But, it is recommended for all those people who don’t have any sensitivity towards the allergies.

How to Consume Serious Mass Gainer

Serious mass gainer can be taken either with water or low fat milk as per the preferences. With low fat milk we get a creamier and high calorie shake. The supplement should be taken in the serving of half during the first week and then gradually increasing it to one serving. It should be taken in between meals to maintain and support the nitrogen balance along with a high calorie diet. There is always a doubt around the use of serious mass before and after the workout session, the serving is to be taken post workout after half an hour only and one 60 minutes before going to bed for night sleep.

Serious Mass Gainer Review Conclusion

On a whole, it can be stated that serious mass gainer review explicitly depicts the comprehensive view on the mass gainer. So, you have to take the supplements along with regular exercise and proper diet to ensure that body gets all the vital nutrients and help you in attaining the aim of gaining weight and muscle mass.